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Market analysis for E-health

Project Info

  • Date November, 2018
  • Location Turku Finland
  • Category Business, Marketing, Research

Market analysis for E-health

Need:  A Finnish company located in Turku, which has a state-of-the-art self-diagnosis service that enables the doctors and nurses to determine their patients’ condition, care need and next steps. Also enable the patient to determine their condition, care need and next step. Needed partnerships and close collaboration with Ghana Government, private medical practitioners, Insurance agencies’ and pharmaceutical companies in Ghana to allow their products to be adapted in Ghana to the needs of the ever-evolving field of next-generation sequencing.

Key benefits: Ability to make an informed investment decision based on market potential and development estimates, and to formulate a business strategy based on attractiveness analysis

Application: Strategic Planning

Geography: Ghana



Expert interviews enabled estimating the market potential for the product in the targeted industry. Secondary research was conducted to validate the findings.

Methods: Secondary research and expert interviews across various areas.


A comprehensive analysis of the potential market was delivered to the customer and a detailed route to market strategy have been developed to ensure success.